Mississippi Gulf Coast Marathon and Half RECAP

Oh wow, I just realized with the holidays coming, arriving and leaving, I completely forgot to post the recap of this race. So let’s rewind the clock to December 13, 2020.

Early 4:30AM start because my shuttle to the start line was at 5:30. I walked the three miles there and then we were driven to the Start. It was on the outskirts of Biloxi. The waves were split up quite interestingly. We were on the grass along the side of the road. We stood on yellow markers for our 6 feet distancing. When the previous wave left (4 runners at a time) we were instructed to step on the roadway (still with our 6 feet distancing) and then advanced as the previous wave did. The entire route ran the road alongside the beach. The sun tried to come out but the clouds weren’t cooperating. Low to mid 60F° temps with a breeze coming from the north, not the Gulf. There were lots of hydration stations with volunteers that weren’t allowed to hand off cups to the runners.

The last mile was the beast. We ran up a steep curving highway ramp to the top and then ran back down the adjacent ramp. It was a full descent with an elevation rise before releasing us back onto the roadway. (Quads killer!) Once back on the roadway we had about 0.25 miles remaining, a few turns and then the finish. The crowd in the runners finish area didn’t practice distancing. I did hear a few announcements to do so, but people weren’t listening or practicing common sense. Overall, I enjoyed the race and even my 3 mile beach walk back to my hotel.

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