Louisiana Marathon/Half Marathon RECAP

State half marathon challenge #14 is a wrap. Chilly morning start had just about everyone dancing. Staggered starts in a pandemic racing recovery year is the new thing. Participant attendance was decent. I’m sure they usually have more, but this was somewhat comfortable. People are still running too close to others in passing. Lots of rolling hills in and around scenic lake views helped to take your focus off of the hilly roads.

The ‘injury’. During mile eleven, one of the streets we crossed had been milled for repaving. I crossed all the piles but I missed the last one and down I went. I had the medical team clean and bandage my leg after the finish because I didn’t have anything to disinfect the cut with back at the hotel. It really isn’t as bad as it looks. They wrapped the hell out of it as if I’d been in a street fight. I barely feel the scrapes. Bruising my thumb was new. Shake it off because I’ve got two states to knock off the list in April. Let’s Geaux!

The Crest
Sing The River Sculpture

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