Sioux Falls Skedaddle Half Marathon RECAP

State #16 is a wrap. Mother Nature tried to give me some of her best with the driving windy cold sleet. Of course this was on my run to get to the start.  The wind blew that crap in my face and I turned down the wrong street and my commute became a mile longer. Being a Lyft customer I’m at a disadvantage here with a very limited number of drivers and I had to get moving. That was miserable. This was my, “What would Iron Man do?” moment.

I start my race after all had left. Caught the back of the pack at mile five. But not before running over hill after rolling hill through neighborhood streets. Once on the trail skirting the Big Sioux River was relatively flat with a couple of foot bridge crossings. The path snakes through the park and returns to the downtown runner’s festival.

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