Race Calendar Updates 2021 – UPDATES (4/2021)

Wow, the race calendar is still in flux. New races replacing races that were also new, but were postponed. I feel liie a juggler in a circus ring. So the Garmin and Delaware Running Festiveal races have been moved. Updates on those later. But, I added Vermont and South Dakota on to my states of races to complete. I’m late in posting, so I’ve got to post a separate recap for the Burlington Half Marathon Unplugged race. The Sydney Australia Marathon seems to be confirmed, but international travelers are still on hold to visit. Ugh! And finally…The Chicago Marathon called and said I’m IN! Wow, another marathon tossed into the Fall season. The following list is of the new races added to the calendar:

  • Half Marathon Unplugged (Burlington, VT) (4/10/21)
  • Sioux Falls Skedaddle Half Marathon (Sioux Falls, SD) (4/25/21)
  • Idaho Falls Half Marathon (Idaho Falls, ID) (7/31/21)
  • Berlin Marathon (Berlin, Germany) If Sydney doesn’t happen, this will be a nice tradeoff. (9/26/21)
  • Chicago Marathon 2021 (Chicago, IL) (10/10/21)

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