Race Calendar Updates 2021 – Part 1???

Wow, the race calendar is jumping like sprinters at a Start line! So up first is the list of changes of races moved to 2022. I moved my St. Michaels, MD Half to 2022 for personal reasons. The Sydney Australia Marathon still hasn’t been confirmed, but I’m suspecting that it may not happen. The latest I’ve heard is that Australia may not open it’s borders this year even if the entire world is vaccinated. Boo! So that will mean this one will be two years deferred for me. Oh well, I’ll settle for being thankful that I’m still alive to be able to run it, right? The following list is of the new races I’ve recently added to the calendar:

  • Garmin Marathon in the Land of Oz (Olathe, Kansas) (4/17/21)
  • Delaware Marathon Running Festival (Half) (Wilmington, DE) (4/25/21)
  • Idaho Falls Half Mar raceathon (Idaho Falls, ID) (7/31/21)
  • Berlin Marathon (Berlin, Germany) If Sydney doesn’t happen, this will be a nice tradeoff. (9/26/21)

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