Detroit Free Press / Chemical Bank Marathon: Medal Monday & Recap


The Detroit Free Press/Chemical Bank Marathon was challenging with the frigid cold 34°F start that didn’t warm much above 41°F when I finished. I was prepared to take pictures when I crossed the Ambassador Bridge into Canada but refrained when I remembered that I planned to PR this race. So, on I went, mile after mile, hill after hill and through the tunnel back to the States. The key for me was increasing hydration. Stopping at about five water aid stations helped. There were about three times when I felt light-headed, but I shook them off until I arrived at a water stop. Grinding it out in that much cold is murder on my fingers due to the neuropathy. I did use a heat packet in my gloves. That helped, but not fully. Pressing on to get out of that cold air, I literally ran nonstop for the first time ever in a marathon (the exception being the 30 seconds at the water stops when I walked to drink). I increased my stamina with the Maurten hydrogel packets (except the last one. I tried to open with the rip tab, but it failed and with frozen fingers, I couldn’t open it. My back up Clif gel blocks saved the day. I had pre-opened them before the race. I couldn’t believe that I maintained a decent marathon pace to gain a two minute PR. Was expecting more, but I’ll take it. Exciting sprint across the finish line. Waiting to see the pics. Marathon Month Series continues on Sunday with the Marine Corps Marathon in DC.


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