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The weather for the race was exceptional. No rain. Yay! My first half was great. And then my mission went down in flames. Plantar fasciitis in my nemesis, aka my right foot, decided to go postal on me. Good grief! I stopped a couple of times to stretch it out with my thumb, but it kept coming back to haunt me like a vampire bat in a haunted house. Plantar fasciitis is never a joke, especially during a race. Timing had to be just right so that I didn’t injure myself. Eventually, I elected to just run/walk to the finish. If you’ve never run it, I would encourage you to do so. While challenging, there is a lot to distract you. The Marines are very engaged throughout the course. The pics are mostly post-race. Saw my buddy Adam cheering on the course sidelines. The Iwo Jima Memorial is at the finish line area. For security reasons, all trash receptacles are sealed. And because I love watermelon, the Watermelon Board station is a great post-race treat that I take advantage of. Another benefit of running with the Marines. Fueled by @maurten_official.

As you’ve probably already guessed, #DNFisnotinmysoul Marathon Month Series continues on Thursday for the Virtual NYC Marathon that I was will complete here in the DC area.

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