Sioux Falls Skedaddle Half Marathon RECAP

State #16 is a wrap. Mother Nature tried to give me some of her best with the driving windy cold sleet. Of course this was on my run to get to the start.  The wind blew that crap in my face and I turned down the wrong street and my commute became a mile longer. […]

Half Marathon Unplugged RECAP [HM state challenge #15/50]

Wow, what a race. Burlington, Vermont didn’t disappoint. Amazing views of Lake Champlain. The weather was just right for a run. The downside was that the course was basically all uphill with a constant gradual ascent. I pushed through every one. Nice touch of adding the bouncy bridge crossing (That was a WHOA!) At the […]

Louisiana Marathon/Half Marathon RECAP

State half marathon challenge #14 is a wrap. Chilly morning start had just about everyone dancing. Staggered starts in a pandemic racing recovery year is the new thing. Participant attendance was decent. I’m sure they usually have more, but this was somewhat comfortable. People are still running too close to others in passing. Lots of […]

Space Coast Marathon and Half RECAP

I think that this race could’ve been more physically distanced, however I ran with my buff in place for the first three miles as the running field became less dense. I became dehydrated around the sixth mile (the temps were likely in the low 70F°s). Foot cramps started to slow me down because I forgot […]

LA Marathon Weekend: LA Marathon Recap

Oh man, I was not prepared! But, I already knew that. The hills were disrespectful, but I took most of them on without much challenge. The Daylight Savings Time change messed me up. I thought I had calculated properly, but things didn’t quite flow like my plan. I missed the 6:30am bag check cut off […]

Madison Mini Marathon RECAP

Wow, what a day! My Airbnb was less than two miles away from the race festival on the University of Wisconsin campus, so I opted to just run a casual pace to get there. However, I was not expecting four nice hills along the way. Anyway, once I arrived I was warmed up and I […]

Queens Pace 10k RECAP

An exciting and well run race (pun on words). It was great supporting another African American Founded and Operated organization. Not only that, they’re Nonprofit. Thanks, Pace Runs! NYPD forced part of the route cut, right when we were about to leave the Start line for some other event in the park. I should have […]