Race 13.1: Baltimore Inner Harbor Half Marathon



Race 13.1 Baltimore Inner Harbor – Completed!

Wow, this was my first race in Baltimore, believe it or not. With the course rimming the harbor, we got that extra special breeze from the water. The course was generally flat with lots of turns as you run along the harbor front. It is always great to run with my brothers of Black Men Run (DC & Baltimore chapters). I have two medals today. One from Race 13.1 for the half marathon and the other from Black Men Run. An incentive medal to get the group motivated to run as one, collectively. Besides, it’s also motivation to get out and run in sub 40F degrees weather. Brrr!  Fueled by Maurten.

Next race: Saturday, December 8, in Central Park New York City. The Ted Corbitt 15k is the featured race. This will be my second year running this race. Ted Corbitt is one of the original fathers of long distance running and was the first president of the New York Road Runners (NYRR) organization. This will be my second year running it. Last year, large snowflakes descended on us as we walked to the Start line. Hoping that we don’t get a repeat.

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