The Road to the Valencia Trinidad Alfonso EDP Marathon (Espana)


Another amazing race year is about to set sail. I’m not stacking the race calendar nearly as much as I did in 2018, but so far it’s one race a month up until June with some other months already filled in. This may be another four marathon year. However, not the four weeks of four back to back marathons like in 2018. These are spread out. The first will take me to Montana for the Montana Governor’s Cup Marathon, a state that I’ve never been to; secondly, I believe the Detroit Free Press / Chemical Bank Marathon will be added; next is where it gets crazy: do I sign up for the Brussels Marathon and/or the Marine Corps Marathon?; from whatever I decide sends me to the TCS New York City Marathon with the closeout in Valencia, Spain  for the Valencia Trinidad Alfonso EDP Marathon (December, 2019). This will be another new country with what is billed as a flat and fast course. In any event, the next update will come in about two weeks for the Detroit Marathon.

Stay tuned.

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