2019 United Airlines NYC Half

IMAG7480[1].jpgUnited Airlines NYC Half Marathon RECAP

My watch stopped after mile six for some odd reason. It was right after crossing the Manhattan Bridge. So my Garmin gave me 12.1 miles. Very odd. I’m still counting this is 13.1. Anyway, on to the race. After a confusing wave start, we were off. Somehow I always manage to forget how merciless the hills in Prospect Park can be. On the bright side, Strava recorded my PR on every segment. Making our way up that long slope to the top of the Manhattan Bridge was nothing in comparison to that mini monster. named FDR Drive. The only plus was the amazing views from the bridge up. That first rise was tough until I got up the road and saw the second major climb that tried to steal my soul. But, I didn’t let them stop me. Mile 11 took us up through Times Square where I had to lay off my lingering injury. It’s very slight, but just enough to put the brakes on for it. And then the crowd was unforgiving to the walkers. Even the cops. So my second dosage of Maurten hydrogel had started to kick in. Let’s do this. Into Central Park and up and over her lovely rolling hills. I had no clue of my timing because when the watch stopped earlier, I was clueless. Picked up the pace. Then this BBW decides to play cat and mouse with her. I said, “Oh, really? Not today!” Took her in the curve and she was left with crackers for lunch. When you know how to run a race course, you teach the uneducated in respectable ways LOL Thanks, Ted Corbitt. The charge to the finish line will always be my signature. Thank you, NYC. See you next month. Here, I’m pictured with my friend Monique (Mo).

The Vessel (to be renamed)
Thomas Heatherwick
(Opened 3/15/19)

The extraordinary centerpiece of Hudson Yards is its spiral staircase, a soaring new landmark meant to be climbed. This interactive artwork was imagined by Thomas Heatherwick and Heatherwick Studio as an focal point where people can enjoy new perspectives of the city and one another from different heights, angles and vantage points. It climbs nearly one mile. That’s a lot of stairs! It’s very windy here and with cold air that was shocking. Amazing views and photo ops.

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