Little Rock Half Marathon


Little Rock Half Marathon RECAP

Wind and rain tried to rule the day. The temperature was 36°F to start. I couldn’t get a ride to get to start on time. Kudos to my taxi driver for not charging me because he couldn’t get me to the convention center block. Good grief! My time was too slow, so I have more work to do to get back on track. Of course, starting late/last didn’t help when I had to confirm course turns a few times in the beginning. Within minutes I caught up with the walkers and then eventually the runners. The headwinds in mile ten were quite disrespectful. Pushed through to the finish. Surprised at how many people I flew past toward the finish line. They were all in casual approach mode. Maybe I woke them up lol

This pic is from Delta Baggage Claim Carousel #4. Did someone say #betonblack? This is the first time I’ve seen an ad painted on the carousel blades. Of course, it came courtesy of the casino lol

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