Humana Philadelphia Rock ‘n Roll Half RECAP

Rough start this morning. I decided to run to the Art Museum from my hostel, which was 2.45 miles. Several of us were supposed to take a group picture. Somehow that didn’t happen. At least I was on time for the start (two blocks away). Then my Aftershokz wouldn’t connect to my phone. A restart corrected that. Corrals were crowded with people cattle that shouldn’t have been there. The course was a little slippery at first because of an early morning rain. I knew this bad boy had hills, but I wasn’t expecting them to keep going up. It never did feel like our ascent changed when we turned to cross the bridge to head back to downtown. While it was a tad bit humid this morning, it was still a great day for a race. My feet are still hurting from Wednesday’s 18 miles run, believe it or not. That did not help today’s performance at all. Back to marathon training.

As always, I luv going on a mural expedition. Philadelphia has thousands of them. Didn’t have a lot of time for it this trip, but I captured a few. The very animated Amargasaurus dinosaur is a new sculpture in front of the Academy of Natural Sciences Museum. I finally made it down on to the Schuylkill River Trail. Just soaked in some people watching while killing time before I departed the city. Here, I am positioned across from the 30th Street Amtrak Station. One day I’ll run this trail.

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