Summer Georgetown 5k, 10k, 1M and 10M RECAP

August 2. Rise and Ride! Wow. 5:30AM departure to ride to the race in Georgetown (DC). Rode 10 miles both to the race and back home. I ran the 10k (start was around 7:45am). There were a small group of runners overall. The ten milers started their race first. There were twenty-six people in that group. The 10k group had nine finishers. The 10k group had a two loop course. This made me realize how much I need to get back over here to run on the gravel towpath regularly again. If you’re not ready, it will show in your speed. The humidity made this a harder run. While I won’t jump for joy with the age group win since I was the only one in it, I will rejoice that this is a twenty five minute 10k trail PR. Three more ‘set’ races on the 2020 calendar. I’ll state that I expect two to cancel and the last one will be a go with restrictions. Cayman Islands is working on some interesting concepts for their race, so we’ll see.

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