Space Coast Marathon and Half RECAP

November 29, 2020: I think that this race could’ve been more physically distanced, however I ran with my buff in place for the first three miles as the running field became less dense. I became dehydrated around the sixth mile (the temps were likely in the low 70F°s). Foot cramps started to slow me down because I forgot to take my medicine. I had to walk a couple times, but pushed through and ensured I got to finish strong. The South Course is mainly flat with a few curves and few rolling elevations with a beautiful waterfront view. The sunrise was amazing. I wanted to take pics, but forced myself to not stop. I still ran a decent time and would’ve cracked the two hours had it not been for those challenges. Normally I travel alone during my races to avoid someone creating a distraction in my flow. Grrr! If I run this one again, perhaps I’ll try the North Course route.

Space View Park, Titusville, Florida
Space Coast Half Marathon Medal (aka small weapon)
Bird house at Village Bier Garten Restaurant, Cocoa, Florida
‘Gaia’ by Donald Gialanella. Orlando, Florida

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