2020 Autumn Georgetown 5k and Half RECAP

September 27, 2020. Well that was a delightfully muddy and messy Half. A huge puddle covered the entire path just a few feet from the start. We started under overcast skies at 7:35am with a minor drizzle in the air. I was surprised that I pushed my pace harder on the outbound route. And that was on constant grade rises on the path. Had to drop pace on the return because all of that foot to rock action aggravated my callus. Out of the 49 runners in the half, I was 21st place with 2nd place in my age group. During the last four miles I decided to play ‘Tag, You’re It!’ with this one brother as we found each other taking walks LOL I believe he appreciated the push as well as I. The last mile was a tough struggle, but I was determined not to let him and this other guy catch me. Screaming every male and female derogatory names in the book (in my head) I know I crushed spirits as I hit the #finishstrong first. I PR’d my time on this course (with puddle zig zagging included).

This makes medal #3 of the Covid-19 era. Great venue for a race except on the days after its rained and there are copious amounts of huge puddles. Splish splash we were taking a muddy bath.

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