LA Marathon Weekend: LA Marathon Recap


Oh man, I was not prepared! But, I already knew that. The hills were disrespectful, but I took most of them on without much challenge. The Daylight Savings Time change messed me up. I thought I had calculated properly, but things didn’t quite flow like my plan. I missed the 6:30am bag check cut off time and had to run with my bag.

Lots of hills! They wore my butt out. It’s actually a really nice race course, despite the hills. Passing through a lot of the famous tourist sites urged you to stop, but you still have miles to go and can’t kill your momentum.

The weather was great. I became dehydrated late in the race, which was odd because I drank more water throughout the course than I usually do. Hamstrings started to lock up on me in mile 20. I had to stop and stretch a couple times. My headache came in mile 24, which is when I suspected dehydration. I had already succumbed to quite a bit of walking at this point. Mile 25 brought on the lightheadedness. I forget how many times I threw a cup of water on my face. It does work. Recovery included a provided massage at the finish festival. As a massage therapist, this was truly appreciated 😊






The next day, I had the entire day open to siteseeing. First stop was the LA Brea Tarpits. I’ve heard so much of this historical place over the years and finally got my chance to experience it. These are sculptures of mastodons. The museum has artifacts of other species discovered at the site as well. This is a place you’d like to share via Smellovision.


Randy’s Donuts! I’ve been wanting to come see this ever since Iron Man sat cradled inside the donut feeling sorry for himself in the Iron Man 2 movie. Folks line up at the window as if they’re the last donuts on Earth. They are pretty good though.

Where to next? With all of the Spring race cancellations due to the Corvid-19 outbreak (I’ve lost three with a possible forth coming) it’s beginning to look as if it will be Chicago in June. Stay safe everyone.


7 thoughts on “LA Marathon Weekend: LA Marathon Recap

    1. I know! I was saying that to someone yesterday. It was one of this year’s big races on my calender. April’s Big Sur was cancelled – my next big race. Still waiting to see if they’re going to reschedule or just wait till 2021. What a mess this year has started out to be. We have to just keep on living and lifting each other up. Stay safe.


      1. For sure! I’ve been telling people that I am glad my main hobby is running. Helps with a lot with all this social distancing stuff. I’ve seen some reports of people over seas getting shunned for running. I just saw a post ony local Nextdoor app where someone was complaining about a family playing basketball in their driveway. I take it serious, but physical activity is a must! If they shut me down outside, best believe I’ll be jogging in place or jump ropping for cardio😄.

        Big Sur was on my marathon list, not sure if they have a half.


      2. That’s sad. Someone will always be unhappy with their neighbor’s attempt at happiness. They need to get a life, or at least get out and get physical. That’s probably what the real deal is. Jealous because others have the mindset to get up off their butts and so something.

        Big Sur doesn’t have a half. I couldn’t get into the full and opted for the 21 miler. I’m not sure, but they probably only have an opening at 21 miles because of the cliffs. I’m not upset about missing the last five miles. What am I going to miss in those last five miles of coastal views? Probably nothing lol


      3. Yes! That sounds fun. My goal this year was getting more races out West. Last year I got to run the Zion National Park half. It was great, just historically too cold. I was going to run the Antelope Canyon half in AZ, but I deferred it to March, 2021 so I could run the NYC Half that got cancelled. Antelope Canyon didn’t. Go figure! My Ragnar Arizona trail race is in November, so I’ll be out West again. I do want to run Washington State at some point, but they need to clean every drop of the coronavirus up before I drop foot up there LOL


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