Queens Pace 10k RECAP

An exciting and well run race (pun on words). It was great supporting another African American Founded and Operated organization. Not only that, they’re Nonprofit. Thanks, Pace Runs!

NYPD forced part of the route cut, right when we were about to leave the Start line for some other event in the park. I should have kept running to top off the 10k, but we didn’t know our route was short till post race. The steep bridge over the highway in mile one made me think about how I’ve been starting some of my training runs exactly the same way. Delightful LOL The difference between the 5 and 10k was one loop versus two. And that also meant four trips over that bridge for the out and back. Regardless of that, a warm and sunny morning led to lots of excitement from the race crew, which built the energy of the runners. Got to meet them post race. Really nice people. Looking forward to my next event with them.

Next: new race state #5 (2019) – Wisconsin for the Madison Mini Marathon. Bring on the cheese! NOT! LOL


The Unisphere at Corona Park is always a favorite. Especially when it’s a backdrop for some of my best race pics. The three monkeys sculpture was just a chance discovery as I was walking through Manhattan. Is the lone monkey embarrassed or disgusted? What do you think?

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