Allstate Hot Chocolate 15k RECAP

These hills felt worse than the ones in Central Park. I’ll be testing that assumption tomorrow. Prospect Park is really a beautiful park. I have seen more of it with each visit recently. The wind: another challenging factor today. That wind had some bite to it. And it didn’t help that my legs felt as if they were filled with lead. My feet: unexplainably achy. However, with all of that agony, it was great seeing a lot of the run fam there. Got to finally meet my online friends Stephanie and Will in person as well. My friend Adam, the GoPro Addict himself, was a pacer today. So it was a great morning. Almost forgot, there was an aid station with chocolate, but I refused to stop for it. There was hot chocolate and other treats at the finish, so that was enough. Fueled by @maurten_official.

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