UAE Healthy Kidney 10k RECAP

And the winner of the “hills challenge” is Prospect Park. Mind you, Central Park is still a challenging course, but it’s getting second place for now. Chilly morning, but very mild wind today. In mile three I had a bad fall when this “boy” (yes I demoted his stupid butt) crossed in front of me as I was in a forward stride on my left leg and I stepped on the back of his foot and crashed hard on my left leg. That crushed my IT band that was already in trauma. I wanted to curse him badly, but I jumped up because I didn’t want to get run down by the pack of runners behind me. It took a few minutes to get back on to pace. That’s my biggest pet peeve about racing: blockheads that think no one is on the course but them and they’re going so fast that you don’t matter. Grrr! My 10k PR remains unbroken. Big prize contest at the end. Two round trip tickets to Dubai. That would’ve been the crême de la crême if I’d won. Fine. I’ll still go on my own damn dime. Fueled by @maurten_official.

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