Sorry for posting this late. The race was in June. So many things have been on my plate lately. The latest is taking the RRCA Coaching Certification course. (I am in the process of taking the post-exam (100 questions of which you’ve got to get 85 correct to pass. Wish me luck!)

Wow, so much for flat. Rolling hills that never seemed to ever descend. The corral setup was a bit wacky. Wheelchair competitors went first and then everyone else. You are supposed to place yourself in your personal corral. I’m sure everyone abided so. Not! I have work to do to get that time down. This was a nice day for a race. Some will say it was too warm. Give me the heat baby!

Granted the streets weren’t mountains, but they rolled into a string of hills. Unless you meant the roads were flat going up the side of the HILLS! Ohhhh! See how statements can be twisted? Glad it was only a 10k, but it’s actually a good workout for your lungs, heart, spleen elbows, etc., etc. This one deserves a redo.

Next race: back to Queens, NY for the Queens Pace 10k


I took pics of so many things in that short weekend, it’s insane. Anyway, these are my favorite of all that I had time to visit.

Okuda San Miguel

Along Seaport Blvd are these colorful geometric sculptures. I’ve listed them by name in respective order. There are seven of these in the collection.  Enjoy!

3. MYTHOLOGY Mythological Being 1
4. MYTHOLOGY Mythological Being 2
6. DIVERSITY Domestic
7. NATURAL BALANCE Coexistence


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